Divorce is an all too common occurrence in our society. Unfortunately, when there are children involved, the ending of the marriage can be traumatic for the kids.  Children do not understand what goes on in the office of the attorney or what happens in court. But, when a parent supports them emotionally and financially, there is a sense of reprieve for them. However, the consequences that can arise from not paying child support can be severe. Let our child support lawyers in Walnut Creek explain.

What Is Child Support?

It cost money to raise a child. They need clothes, shoes, medical care, food, shelter, and lots of other things. When two parents live together and work together, it can be a challenge paying for everything they need. When the parents split, each parent has to maintain the expenses of their home. With child support, both parents still pay for the necessities of the children. The non-custodial parent is ordered through the court to pay a set amount of money to the custodial parent.

The Consequences Of Not Paying Child Support

The first thing you need to consider is that your child support order comes from the court. Not obeying that order can cost you in a big way. Among other consequences, you can expect:

• The court can charge you with contempt of court. This can cost you money (fines). It can also land you in jail.
• Failure to pay can be reported to the credit bureaus, thus bringing down your credit rating.
• The government can freeze your bank accounts to pay your debt.
• Your tax refunds can be intercepted.
• If you are disabled, part of your disability payment can be taken.
• Driver’s licenses can be suspended.
• Professional licenses can be suspended.
• Passports can be denied.

What If The Parent Just Moves To Another State?

If you were divorced in the state of California, any issues with your child support must be addressed in this state. If a parent thinks they can move to another state and ask a judge in that state to reduce their payment, they are absolutely wrong. In fact, your paycheck can be garnished no matter where you live.

How To Avoid These Consequences

If circumstances change and it makes it impossible to pay the court ordered amount, contact your family lawyer. Gather your documents showing the reasons for the problem and let him or her take the information to the court. The judge will review your case and determine if you qualify for a reduction in your payment.

It is important that you do not ignore the problems. Allowing the debt to grow will hurt you in the long run. While you may be trying to avoid the problem, remember that your child is the one suffering. It is not their fault that you and their other parent went your separate ways. But, all that matters is that they have what they need in life. That includes having two loving parents who care about them.

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