You work hard to keep your credit score high. You pay your house payment, car payment, bills, and credit cards on time. So, when you are rejected for a credit card because of your credit score, you may be shocked.

The truth is, you shouldn’t be. While you are making sure your bills are paid on time, you’re not concerned that your child support is late or behind. It is time to adjust your priorities. Supporting and caring for your children is more important than anything else. However, you will need the help of a child support attorney in California.

How Does It Get On There?

The municipality or the agency charged with collecting the debt records it to the major credit bureaus. It will stay on your credit report for seven years unless you address it.

To address it, you must pay the past due amounts.

Child Support Delinquencies Continue To Hurt You

When a person gets behind on their child support, The California Department of Child Support Services (where your payments are paid) reports your delinquent account to the major credit bureaus. While you are behind, interest is being added to the amount owed.

Until you pay the late payments, the account will be reported every single month, showing that the debt is still open. Each of these reports will stay on your credit for 7 years. In other words, if it takes you 2 years to get your account up to date, it will be 9-years before the last late payment has completed their time.

But It Is Wrong!

Mistakes happen. Review your credit report often. If this shows up on your credit, you can report it to the credit bureau. The agency will contact the company and have them investigate. If a mistake has been made (make sure you have everything you need to prove your position), the error will be removed from your credit.

Situations Have Changed, And The Support Is More Than I Can Pay

Life happens. We lose our jobs, we get sick with a long-term illness, maybe a natural disaster took everything you own.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the situation. Contact your family law attorney and file a motion to modify your order. The judge has the power to temporarily stop your payments or even temporarily stop your payment.

The forms must be filled out correctly. If not, they will be rejected,

Your family lawyer can help. Time is important because every day your credit is affected. Address this as soon as possible.

Ask The Court If You Can Pay Your Spouse Directly

If you and your former spouse have a good relationship, they understand how hard this is. Ask the court if you can pay them directly. They will be much more understanding and they will not usually report every time you are a day or two late.

Most people pay their child support on time, they understand that their child’s needs come first. It is important to work together and to keep the family healthy and happy.

For more information, speak to our child support attorneys now.