Our divorce attorneys know that going through a divorce is one of the most challenging events in life. You are closing a significant chapter of your life and you may feel betrayed, hurt, mad, sad, and afraid. All of these emotions are normal and each of them is hard to handle alone. Combined, they are a force that can knock you off your feet.

In the center of all these emotions are your children. Your primary duty is to give them the best life has to offer. You know they are feeling many of these feelings too. They are heartbroken, and they are confused. They love both of you, yet they feel they should take someone’s side.

Accept There Are Things You Do Not Know About

Lawyers spend years learning their craft. If you have a situation concerning inheritances, trust accounts, investments, and legal responsibilities with assets set aside for a reason, he or she will explain all of your options. If you are not qualified to make these decisions, you could make costly mistakes that will hurt you and your children in the future.

California Divorce Laws

California is a no-fault divorce state. This means it is easier to get a divorce. But, that doesn’t mean you will get a fair divorce. People find all kinds of ways to shortchange their partners in divorce court. Some spouses quit their jobs, so they can claim they have no income to pay alimony or child support. Some people put their property in their parent’s names in an attempt to keep you from getting any of it. There are no limits to what some people will do to avoid their responsibilities. This is why you need a lawyer.

There is no issue that they have not addressed before. They know how to protect your rights and they know how to properly represent you in the court of law. In short, they are on your side and they will fight for you.

Keep The Details Among Adults Only

The details of your divorce are for adults only. You and your former partner need to come together as parents and decide what you need to tell the children. You should be honest with them. However, they do not need to know the adult details of your divorce. It can be traumatic to try to turn a child against a parent. No matter what happens between the adults, these details should remain between the adults. Of course, if there is abuse involved, there will be different ways of helping the children.

Your attorney will be able to help you if the situation is dangerous and if you need restraining orders.

An Attorney Has Your Rights In Mind

Divorce is hard, and some people make it harder than it has to be. If you are in a messy divorce, you know how difficult it is to take the high road and not lose your cool. But, very soon in the battle, you might wear down. You need someone to fight for you. That is where a divorce attorney comes in.