Facing domestic violence has a plethora of issues both upfront and those that unfold after you try to separate from your abuser. Worrying about their reaction to you attempting to leave, your associated finances, and the overall safety of you and your loved ones can be just about too much to bear. However, hiring a Walnut Creek domestic violence attorney can help you navigate the safe, legally binding way to a better life. Here in our law office, we think that you should be focusing on building you and your loved ones back up again after your traumatic circumstances.

Domestic Violence is Real—and You Don’t Have to Deal with It!

Domestic violence can exist in any relationship where one person threatens/inflicts another person with physical or sexual harm, emotional harassment, violates their personal sense of peace or space, or even if they destroy personal property. Unfortunately, all too many people deal with these circumstances.

Examples of domestic violence abuse can include:

-Verbal or written abuse.
-Any kind of physical violence.
-Coerced or forced sexual behavior or acts.
-Psychological or emotional abuse.
-Stalking someone in person, over the phone, or even online.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone on this journey to a freer life. Your divorce and family law attorney is here to help you in a few different ways.

What Can a Lawyer Do To Help a Domestic Violence Victim?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, a kick-out may be in order. This is also known as a “TRO” or a temporary restraining order. A restraining order may direct the named party not to approach you, anywhere near your home, vehicle, or place of work. Depending on your circumstance, your TRO could also prevent transfers of property and keep them from trying to communicate with you otherwise.

In order to get a TRO, you may be required to prove that your circumstances need the help of the law to protect you. Your domestic violence lawyer will be able to help you prove your case by assisting in drafting and turning in the necessary paperwork in a timely manner, representing you in court, and guiding you through the process with sound legal advice.

It’s Best to Rely On a Professional Familiar with California Law

The idea behind applying for a restraining order may not seem difficult, but in reality, there are many more steps than people realize. Between making sure that you meet all the timely guidelines, collecting evidence of your circumstances for your court date, and also dealing with the turmoil that inevitably follows domestic violence, you need someone that will represent you in the best way during your lawsuit.

Finding an experienced domestic violence attorney is easier than you think as well. Simply calling our local law office can get you started. All you need is your initial consultation to discuss what you’ve been through, what you wish to accomplish and to formulate a plan of action. We would be happy to help you take control of your circumstances again when you trust us with your case!