Spousal support, which can be known as alimony and palimony, is a court-ordered series of payments that an individual is required to make out to their former spouse in the aftermath of a divorce. The objective of these payments is to help a former spouse financially, and the recipient of this legal condition is often the individual with the highest yearly income. After a messy divorce, a court will determine who is required to pay spousal support, while being usually persuaded by the individual who has lived on the income of their former spouse and their modification and enforcement attorney.

In California, it’s possible to modify a spousal support order with the help of a family law attorney. Keep reading to receive more information about how an attorney can help with a spousal support modification in California.


An Attorney Can Review Your Paperwork

 Before you can have your spousal support modification request reviewed by the court, you will have to obtain access to a few records in order to schedule your court hearing. These forms will ideally give the court clerk a general idea of your case. If this paperwork is lousily completed, you could prevent yourself from having an actual chance of getting your spousal support order modified. In fact, the process that involves filing these documents and scheduling a court date is often a complicated matter for most individuals.

With this being the case, hiring a family law attorney will give you the best chance of having your request taken seriously by the court. An attorney will review your paperwork to ensure that you are all set to have your request be reviewed in court. Your attorney will also give you additional information on the processes leading up to your court date, so you can focus your attention on your other personal matters.


An Attorney Can Supply Wise Legal Advice

 Rushing into a legal situation isn’t a practical strategy. As a matter of fact, you could ultimately waste your time and money fighting for a case that has no legal merit. If you hire an attorney to assist you with your spousal support modification, you can receive wise legal advice relating to the nature of your request. Overall, this advice will familiarize you with the process that entails reforming your spousal support order.

Moreover, honest legal advice can also help you persuade the court to work in your favor if you can provide the essential documents and acceptable forms that prove that your existing spousal support order is outside the realm of possibility for your current situation.


An Attorney Can Negotiate on Your Behalf

 Even once you receive a court date from the court clerk, you can still work with your attorney to negotiate changes in your spousal support order with another party. Through legal arbitration, you can use your attorney as an objective mediator, who will help determine a reasonable modification to your existing spousal support order.

If both parties cannot come to an agreement, you will still have a court date to have a judge review your case. Nonetheless, the presence of a modification and enforcement lawyer can make the process of negotiation much easier for both parties.