Science has come a long way in the past few decades. There was a time when paternity was very difficult to determine. In this day and age, we now have DNA tests that prove beyond all doubt if a man fathered a particular child. With those results and a powerful California paternity lawyer, the courts can make him pay child support, cover the child with medical insurance, and take on other parental responsibilities.

How Is A DNA Test Done?

Science is advancing every day, and if you conduct your research, you hear a lot about the ways DNA can be collected. It takes only the smallest amount of tissue to get a DNA profile.

The two ways that are used to determine DNA are with blood or saliva. For people who do not want to be pricked with a needle, a cotton swab is used to swab the inside of the cheek. It is then sent to a laboratory. The DNA will be usable from the swab for up to six months.


Blood DNA tests are the most accurate way to establish paternity. When a baby is born, and the need for a DNA test comes up, the doctor will often take the blood from the umbilical cord. This allows the laboratory the ability to determine if the father is a DNA match to the child.

When they have a match, the chance of the potential father creating the child is usually 99.9%, meaning they are the parents.

Legal Issues That Can Arise

In our society, people do not always marry before they have children. Sometimes they live together or establish a long-term relationship without marrying. However, when the couple becomes pregnant, it can cause some issues. Maybe they did not date exclusively. Maybe they were monogamous, and they may have even used birth control. But, the pregnancy happened anyway.

At times like this, there can be doubt and no one wants to bring a new life into the world under a cloud of suspicion. It is very easy to have the DNA tested at the time of the baby’s birth. Then a swab or blood test from the father is all that it takes to put everyone at ease.

Your paternity lawyer can help you obtain a paternity test. He or she can set up legal child-support papers to be submitted to the court. You may stay with the father and you may even choose to marry him. But, in the event that the relationship ends, you are legally prepared to draw your child support payments and there is no delay.

This is not a trust issue. It is simply a measure that is meant to protect your child in the future. Knowing the child is biologically the father may prompt him into beginning a savings account for the child or to add the child as a beneficiary of his insurance policy. But, the most important thing is that the child has two parents in their life that love them and will care for them always.

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