You probably got married expecting a “Happily Ever After” life. But, here you are with a divorce in the air, and a child to care for. You understand that your life will change, and you will probably struggle while you work your expenses down to a manageable level with only one salary. But, should your child have to suffer too? And, can a Walnut Creek child support attorney help?

Child Support

Try to look past your emotions right now and understand that the California courts will not allow your ex-spouse to leave your child high and dry. This is when you need a qualified child support attorney.

Your ex and maybe their attorney will try to make you believe that they have to pay only enough to cover the child’s basic needs. In other words, they want you to believe that as long as he or she gives you enough money to buy food for one little person and a few clothes. This is absolutely wrong.

The state of California has guides on how much a parent should pay. Your attorney will not stand for them trying to evade the law. Your child has to have shelter, education, medical care, social activities, and the same toys and electronics that he or she had access to when you were a two-income family. The fact is the parents set the child’s standard of living, and though it may need to be adjusted with time, it is unfair and traumatic to suddenly hit the brakes on their life. Though the parents are divorced, you are still a two-income family.

California Doesn’t Make It Easy

There are a series of forms that must be meticulously filled out and filed. If you are going for an adjustment on your child support, there are forms to make the request. The forms have to be filed with the county clerk. Then you have to gather more forms and hire someone to serve the papers to your ex. This is not nearly all of the steps you will take.

Why Should You Use An Attorney?

• Your attorney knows exactly what the county clerk needs on the form.
• He or she is not emotionally involved, so no one can scare them into asking for less than is needed.
• He or she understands there are rights that your child has, that you may not know about.
• Your attorney does all the legwork. You can have peace of mind.

Your Attorney Can Mediate

The forms are easily obtained and filled out and your ex-has been served. Does that mean you have to go back to court? No. Your attorney can mediate between you. He can show your spouse and his attorney the California laws that explain what your child is entitled to. It is rare that a person wants to contest child support in court when he or she sees what the state requires. If they do have to fight in court, they will be ready.

In order to get past this part of your divorce and to reclaim your life, let a child support lawyer take care of it. You do not need the stress. Your child support attorney will help to get your child what he or she is entitled to.